R & R develops and designs Pro-active Maintenance for a wide variety of companies from small, single-unit OTR to large fleet operations that include: mining, trucking, commercial marine, drilling rigs, transportations, etc.


R & R utilizes the Company's proprietary products to implement effective and cost saving Proactive Maintenance Programs.

R & R's individual customized approach to Proactive Maintenance Programs considers all aspects of a company's requirements and designs  the Program to fit those requirements.  The Programs can include all of

R & R's products or a single product as required by the customer.



Oil Analysis  is the most effective way to prolong your equipment. Through oil analysis you can fix problems based on the oil condition. Oil analysis is a quick easy why to figure out how healthy an engine is. 

R & R will take an oil sample and analyze it to give you a quick look at how your engine is performing.  With that analysis we can tell you what you need to do to fix a problem before it occurs.

R & R can help you become more proactive, and with correct oil sampling and oil analysis, we can help you increase the availability of your fleet.  



The Carbon Balance test is the method by which carbon is measured in the engine exhaust gas and is related to the carbon content of the fuel consumed.

The Carbon Balance test is a fundamental part of the Australian Standards AS2077-1982.  Further, the Carbon Balance test procedure has proven to be an intricate part of the United States EPA, FTP and HFET Fuel Economy Tests.  Also, Ford Motor Company characterized the Carbon Balance test procedure as being “at least as accurate as any other method of volumetric-gravimetric testing.” (SAE Paper No. 750002 Bruce Simpson, Ford Motor Company) 

Finally, the Carbon Balance procedure is incorporated in the Federal Register Voluntary Fuel Economy Labeling Program, Volume 39.