Benefits of Enerdigm Micro-1 Oil Filter



R & R's Enerdigm Micro-1 Oil Filter is a Filtakleen one Micron, two-stage bypass oil filter which extends engine life, and lessens the frequency of oil changes.  The Enerdigm Micro-1 Oil Filter also provides 100% water removal as well as significant soot removal.  The Micro-1 Oil Filter also reduces oil consumption and reduces pollution.  The one micron filtration technology has proven to remove virtually all contaminants, including oil damaging "wear particles" normally missed by OEM main oil filters.  R & R's Enerdigm Micro-1 Oil Filter technology substantially reduces the corrosive acids normally formed in the engine.  The results of using R & R's Enerdigm Micro-1 Oil Filters are significant reductions in maintenance, replacement and costly downtime.


  • Lower maintenance costs

  • 100% water removal

  • Soot removal

  • 8-10 times less engine wear

  • Reduced friction

  • 5% increase in fuel economy

  • Reduced emissions

  • Extended oil change intervals


5 PROVEN FACTS about oil

FACT 1. When oil in an internal combustion engine is kept clean IT DOES NOT WEAR OUT; its viscosity does not change; its additive pack is not depleted; acids are kept at minimal levels in the engine; and clean oil does not have to be changed on a routine basis.

FACT 2. When an engine runs clean oil 100% of the time, engine wear is significantly reduced and you can routinely expect to more than DOUBLE THE HISTORICAL OR EXPECTED LIFE OF THE ENGINE.

FACT 3. Clean oil circulating in an engine 100% of the time, DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ROUTINELY CHANGED. The only time an oil change will be necessary is when the oil becomes contaminated with excessive fuel, water, or coolant. This can be monitored through oil sampling.

FACT 4. Through the use of bypass filters, a SAVINGS can be realized of 75% of both usage and waste disposal cost and factory full-flow filters.

FACT 5. CLEAN OIL CIRCULATING in an engine 100% OF THE TIME, not only meets but FAR EXCEEDS the engine manufacturer’s WARRANTY REQUIREMENTS.






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