Message from the CEO

As I review the successes of 2013, I am extremely proud of our achievements and excited about the outlook of a promising future for R & R.


It is extremely satisfying to know we are able to help our clients in their critical areas of maintenance and operations to enable them to operate more efficiently and economically.


After all, customer satisfaction is the characteristic we most value at R & R.  We hold ourselves accountable, as do our clients, to the highest standards of quality and customer service.


In our ever evolving marketplace, our clients are more informed than ever before about the available products and services.  Yet, they continue to select R & R Universal Technologies as their partner, due to our customer service, commitment to quality, and integrity.


Our most important asset is our people, a talented, special and diverse group of highly qualified individuals possessing deep-rooted professionalism and an unwavering commitment to our customer.


The R & R staff is the foundation of who we are.  Our team, from our Sales Executives to our Subject Matter Experts, and Logistics/Delivery and Quality Assurance Teams to our Senior Leadership, the R & R Team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality product and services, while providing unparalleled customer service.


We create and foster in-depth relationships with each of our clients by learning their goals and challenges as well as how they operate in their perspective environment.  This allows R & R to understand our client's perspective and provide valuable, viable solutions.


At R & R, we are leveraging our outstanding customer service by building industry leadership through customer success.  We are focused on improving the experience, as well as the profitability of our customers, helping to preserve the environment and providing our employees with the opportunity to excel.


We are delivering on these promises.


We have added new products to our line to provide our customers with more tools to improve their bottom line.  In the near future we will be adding even more new products in order to address new ways to meet customer needs.


By offering products and services that are designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs, R & R is building its industry leading position through customer success.


We strive to ensure that R & R Universal Technologies continues to expand and improve as a company—while delivering the level of quality and customer service our customers have come to expect.


We have expanded our sales and customer support staff to meet the growing number of new clients as well as the increasing demands of our existing client base.


R & R is expanding our international sales team to meet our expanding requirements in South America, Africa and the Pacific Rim.


I believe that it is not a question of whether you will use our fuel catalyst to maximize your fuel efficiency, or use our by-pass oil filtration to reduce the amount of oil you use, or any of our products and services…it is just a matter of when.  Will it be before or after your competitors…before or after the next round of oil price rises?


Best regards,


J R Roberts