With R&R Products:


  • Reduce maintenance costs​

  • Decrease fuel consumption

  • Reduce emissions

  • Reduce frequency of oil changes

  • Significantly increase life of equipment

  • Increase equipment uptime rate

R & R provides an affordable means to accomplish all of this...



R & R's Enerdigm Fuel Additives provides increased fuel combustion efficiency resulting in a cleaner, more effective burn which provides up to 8.2% increase in fuel mileage, an increase in horsepower with up to 70% less emissions.





R & R's Enerdigm Nano-C  improves the lubricating life of the engine oil, reducing wear on the engine, engine parts, and components, resulting in lower maintenance cost and reduction in downtime.




R & R's Enerdigm Micro-1 Bypass Oil Filter significantly reduces maintenance, parts replacement and costly downtime, while extending the equipment life.




R & R's SEPAR Fuel Filter utilizes an extremely effective multi-stage, centrifugal filtration system to remove water and particulate matter in fuel.  





R & R's Enerdigm Pre-Air Filter is a "must" when operating in the difficult environments typically experienced in mining, and heavy construction and excavation. 





R & R's Enerdigm Micro-1 Hydraulic Filter is a one Micron filter for hydraulic systems that reduces the harm to the lines and other components caused by water contamination and "wear particle" damage.