With R&R Products:


  • Reduce maintenance costs​

  • Decrease fuel consumption

  • Reduce emissions

  • Reduce frequency of oil changes

  • Significantly increase life of equipment

  • Increase equipment uptime rate

R & R provides an affordable means to accomplish all of this...



R & R's Enerdigm Fuel Additives provides increased fuel combustion efficiency resulting in a cleaner, more effective burn which provides up to 8.2% increase in fuel mileage, an increase in horsepower with up to 70% less emissions.





R & R's Enerdigm Micro-1 Bypass Oil Filter significantly reduces maintenance, parts replacement and costly downtime, while extending the equipment life.



R & R's Enerdigm Micro-1 Hydraulic Filter is a one Micron filter for hydraulic systems that reduces the harm to the lines and other components caused by water contamination and "wear particle" damage. 






R & R is constantly expanding our product line to meet the needs of our customers.  We are continuing to evaluate new and existing products.  As we develop or find new products that meet our exacting standards we will make them available to our customers.