To make a positive impact on the environment by providing the right services and products to our customers to reduce their carbon footprint while having a positive effect on their bottom line.
​Assist our customers in improving their profitability through the implementation of Pro-Active Maintenance Programs which will significantly reduce each customer's environmentally harmful emissions as well as reducing their fuel and oil consumption through the use of the best available products and services.  Do this in an environment that will enable each member of the R & R team to excel and reach their full potential. All of R & R's long-term strategies and short-term actions will be molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every R & R Team Member.
At R & R Universal Technologies, Inc. we don't rely on one "expert", we utilize research, proven practices, and customer input as well as our combined knowledge and expertise to provide an affordable Pro-Active Maintenance Program customized to your needs. 
The R & R Team brings technology, real world management and logistics expertise combined with a customer service ethic that is embedded as a core value of R & R Universal Technologies, Inc.
John R.(JR) Roberts

CEO and Co-Founder

As R & R's chief executive officer, JR is responsible for leading the development and execution of R & R's long term strategy, day-to-day operations, external strategies and broader business relationships, as well as leading the company's overall products and services development strategy.  He co-founded R&R with Robert Thiede.


JR brings extensive experience in leadership, team building and management to the R&R Team.  He has a strong business, technology and maintenance background covering many fields.  He has led successful teams in business, government and sports.


Robert E. Thiede

Executive VP, Operations and Co-Founder

Robert is R & R's executive vice president of operations.  He oversees customer operations, sales, distributorships and product development, as well as advising the CEO on business and policy issues.


Robert brings great energy, expertise and a wealth of industry, product and sales knowledge to the

R &  R Team.  He possesses a strong industry sales and operations background.  He brings several years of experience in proactive maintenance consulting, including oil analysis and maintenance solutions with major mining industries and trucking companies.

 R & R's Team will deliver with outstanding customer service and competitive pricing!