Does your equipment uptime rate exceed the industry average?


With R & R products:

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Decrease fuel consumption

  • Reduce emissions

  • Reduce number and frequency of oil changes

  • Significantly increase life of your equipment

  • Increase equipment uptime


R & R services clients in multiple industries, including:

  • Mining

  • Trucking

  • Commercial marine

  • Generators

  • Public transportation

  • Oil drilling

  • Construction


R & R provides the following analytical and testing services:

  • Carbon Mass Balance testing

  • Oil analysis to monitor condition and wear

  • Proactive maintenance and solutions consultation

  • Consult with sustainability teams to lower their carbon footprint and increase their bottom line  

R & R Universal Technologies, Inc. vision is to bring the customer affordable Pro-Active Maintenance Solutions and products that result in lower maintenance costs, thus increasing our customer's bottom line profits.
Check out R & R's affordable custom solutions and services.
JR Roberts